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1. Monument of Huldah
2. Palaces of helena Queen of Adiabene
3. Robinson's Arch*
4. Synagogue of Freedmen
5. Pool of Siloam
6. Rose Gardens
7. Perfume Factories
8. Industrial Quarter
9. Buttressed Wall
10. Hippodrome
11. City Archives
12. Wilson's Arch
13. Phasael Tower
14. Hippicus Tower
15. Mariamme Tower
16. Jaffa Gate*
17. Ginnoth Gate
18. Herods' Palace
19. Upper Market
20. Hanania's Palace
21. Hasmonean Palace
22. Xystus and Town Hall
23. Theatre
24. David's Tomb
25. Palace of Caiaphas
26. Dyers' Quarter
27. Traditional Calvary*
28. Hyrcanus' Monument
29. Towers' pool
30. Damascus Gate*
31. Wood Market
32. Psephinus Tower
33. Women's Gate
34. Jannaeus' Monument
35. Sheep Pool and Market
36. The Temple
37. Basilica
38. Tadi Gate
39. The Antonia
40. Wailing Wall
41. Huldah Gates

*Modern Sites

The reconstruction of Jerusalem at the time of the second temple, on the grounds of the Holyland Hotel Jerusalem, enables a glimpse at yesterday's scenes.

A visit to the site serves as a time tunnel, carrying the visitor far into A.D. 66, before Jerusalem was ransacked by the Romans.

This unique site, on this magnificient hill, is built to a 1:50 scale with authentic construction materials - Jerusalem stone, Marmor, Steel all based upon historical material - the Mishna, the Gemara, Josephus Flaviuse's accounts, and more, all meticulously carried out.

The Holyland Model was envisaged and built by the late propriator of the Hotel, Mr. Hans Kroch, with the very special help by the late Prof. Avi Yonah of the Hebrew University. The original work was done throughout 1964-1967, and during these last ten years the Model was both renovated and brought up to date archeologicaly under the supervision of Prof. Zafrir.

The Model is indeed the focal point of any visit to Jerusalem today.


Open daily 8:00-22:00. Buses 99, 21, 21A

To be reached 5 minutes from the Model - Mt. Hertzel, Yad Vashem.

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