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What Customers Say About Us

and Why We Say: We Are the Best Holy Land Company Online!

We just want to do more and more for you!


Our goal is to make every customer, a customer for life.

This philosophy is the key to our success and we take it very seriously.

Proof that we live by this philosophy is in these E-mails from our lifetime customers:

(E-mail addresses have been deleted to protect our customers privacy.)

From: Aq and jn

The order was received timely and well received by the recipients.  Thank you for your prompt service and excellent products.  I shall be placing more orders since I have found you!  The staff is so helpful and friendly.  It was a pure joy dealing with them on an emergency basis.



Aquilla Yagoda

From: Louisa Devenish

Dear Lena,

My order arrived today, it was so quick and I am very happy, thank you. Thank you also for the gift of the cross, it's greatly appreciated and a very lovely item to have, I'm very happy about that too. Maybe soon I will place another order but in the meantime, God bless you.

Kind regards,


Thank you very much Lena, you have been very helpful in deed. i hope you

keep up the good customer service and may God continue to bless you richly

in whatever you do!

 thanks again

 EXCELLENT customer service, great empowerment.

From: Sylvia Tepper

Thanks for everything. Received my order and receipt, plus the surprise gift of the cross, in swift time. Excellent.
Many blessings,
Sylvia Tepper

From: Gamrasni-Ahlen, Nina
Subject: RE: My Order is received! - Thank You!

Dear Lena,

I just received the package with the items that I ordered yesterday.  They are beautiful!  Thank you very much for the extra gift key chain.

I really appreciate it.

Best regards,


Nina Gamrasni-Åhlen

From: lagana_michael
Subject: I would like to comment


MessageType:      Praise

Subject:          Web Site

completely satisfied/beautiful products

From: Mira

Dear Jerusalem Gift,

 I don’t have any questions… I just wanted to say “Thank You” for having such a wonderful web site and your services. We need more people like you!

 God Bless you too!

Peace & Love

  Om Shanti


From: adam donovan

Dear Lena

Im just writing you  to let you know i got the rosary thank u so much i really appreciate it.

From: Robert J. Kent
Subject: Crosses arrived

The two olive wood crosses I ordered from you for your parish hall arrived

yesterday, and I took them to Maundy Thursday services today to show

people.  Everyone loved them!  No one in the room had seen a cross made of

olive wood before.  They were especially impressed that the crosses were

made in Bethlehem.  Thanks again for getting the order delivered so quickly.

From: lyndajanezic

Just wanted to let you know the crosses arrived safely and are beautiful as always.  They are definitely worth the wait!


Lynda Janezic

From: Clara Cavallaro
Subject: Thank You!

Hi Lena,

The crosses are absolutely exquisite! Thank you so much for your prompt delivery-they arrived on Friday!

I have just decorated one with small blue green shells and it's so beautiful

Can't wait to do the Celtic next.

I will be buying more very soon this month.

They can sell as is-no shells at all!! Everyone wants


 Love and God Bless,

California Seashell Decor

From: Anne Marie Bartone


Just wanted to let you know that the water came today...I just used it to bless my home...everything is fine and well packed...thank you for the wooden cross......He is Risen...God Bless you!

From: danielle algazi
Subject: Re: car mezuza

Lena, it is ok, I am airing it out and will give it next week.  I also loved the necklace, it is very cute.  Thanks for being so good at customer service.  you are terrific.


From: Jill Alcala
Subject: received order

Dear Jerusalem Gifts, Just wanted to let you know, that I received my order today. The perfume and cross were beautiful. They will make excellent gifts. Also thank you for the free key chain. I hope in the future you can get more cosmetics and Dead Sea products on your site. I have seen other sites with Dead Sea products and perfume but they come all the way from Israel. The shipping cost must be so high. It seems like it would be easier to get it from New Jersey and faster too.

Thank you

Jill Alcala-Tulsa




 I cannot say enough about how wonderful it was to deal with you. Dealing with you was a a pleasure and your merchandise 100%.

I have given the items I have bought to friends as gifts, as well as to myself as a gift to myself.  All my friends and family who have received the gift from me that was purchased from you tell me how much they love it. It was mailed promptly and packed very well. I am now a customer for life.

Thank you. Sandi

From: tim & marg
Received the Celtic cross today.  It is beautiful!  Thanks so much.

From: Daniel Lenhoff
 Thank you so much, it is no problem at all.  And that you for the fast response and great customer service; I will definitely recommend that my friends buy from you, and I appreciate it very much.  It is rare to have such good service these days, especially from an online seller. 

Take care and thanks again,


Subject: Perfume Received!

 Hi!      I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that the order I made with you arrived today as expected. I am very happy with the perfumed oils, and the free gift of the beautiful hand-carved olivewood cross! I have told several friends of your website and your great products and services. Merry Christmas and have a happy and prosperous New Year...
              Pax Et Bonum.

From: erin
Thank you so very much!!  I love your products from Israel.  It is so
neat.  I got this for my mom for Christmas.  I also bought her birthday
presents from you.  I have got gifts for others as well.  
God Bless,

From: Michael Collins

Subject: order placed Friday, November 25, 2005


Received items today in Central Texas, Monday, November 28, 2005, from the order initiated the evening of Friday, November 25, 2005!

Exceptionally fast shipment – the included thank you gift is much appreciated.
You service will be highly recommend to my friends and associates.

Thank you.
M. Collins

From: bruceandkaren

Subject: Product Shipments


Hi Lena,

Just wanted to let you know that both of the last shipments arrived.  Excellent products.  We were very happy with the quality. 

From: Jon Donaldson  

Blessing a Jew is always good for you!

Upon opening the package I was surprised by a gift, a beautiful 3" miniature of the 9" olive wood cross I had ordered! This dear, thoughtful daughter of Israel had blessed me with a gift! Both are beautiful crosses from Israel, and the larger one was in minutes gracing the wall you see the as soon as you step inside. Or it can be seen by looking in the door window. I'm happy to have it, and doubly so knowing that it came from the land known for olive trees, the land of our dear Jewish Savior's birth. It will always have special meaning to me.


Please bless Lena Mor at http://www.jerusalem-gifts.com/ with an order and with your prayers, and be blessed. That's a promise! (Genesis 12:3)  


From: Robert L. (Bob) Ekstrom Subject: delighted with order
Message Type:      Praise

Subject:          Products


I just received the three little olive wood Jerusalem crosses.  I must compliment you most highly not only for their beautiful craftsmanship but for the attractive manner in which you packaged them.  Thank you so very much also for the very prompt delivery.

From: Sandra Hoyt
Subject: delighted with order



I love my rosary and the Jerusalem cross you sent. I have never been so pleased before with a rosary and I hold the cross when I pray. I will definitely continue to order from you. I feel blessed to have found your site. Your prices are the so reasonable for such fine quality items. Thank you and God Bless.

Sandy Hoyt


From: Sean



Thank you for keeping things going.  I really enjoy working with you and seeing what wonderful products you carry.  I've bought olive wood crucifixes for a few housewarming parties, including gifts for the priests who blessed my home.  I look forward to continuing doing business with you!

Have a wonderful weekend,


From: Glen

Subject: customer response


Dear HolyLandNetwork.com:

In an E-mail following my relatively recent order, you asked for feedback. I am finally responding.

By and large, I'm pleased with the products you sent along. My nephew had his first communion, and we bought a nice set of wooden communion cups for him and gave him a Star of David with a Cross inside.  

I bought myself a Star of David. I like the elastic string you have it on, but it's too small for my neck.  

I felt your shipping costs were far too high.  

Other than the shipping complaint I'm pretty satisfied with my transaction. I hope my insights are helpful.


Glen Weisman


From: Lana

Subject: So Pleased!


Hi Lena,
Well, I must tell you I was most pleased with everything I received.

I was rather hesitant in ordering things made in Jerusalem as I have seen lines that just are not good. Everything was just superbly made, I kept thinking 'Oh, I will run into something not so good'--Not so!!! Was I surprised! Thank you so much, I hope we can do business again!

Lana Cantrell Monarch of the Mountain



Subject: GOT YOUR PACKAGE.....


Hi Lena,

Just wanted you to know that I received the

package today.  Thank you so much.  I loved

the items and thanks for the gift key chain.

 but I wear my Hand of G-d almost every day.  So I will probably

keep the key chain for myself.  The Star of David

on the rope chains were even nicer then I expected.

Very good item especially for the price.


From: marisa


Just a note to say thank you for the poster which arrived promptly and safely this morning.

Marisa De' More

From: DebBee


Dear Lena Mor,

 I received my order and  I love the Hand it is a beautiful color of blue just like you said. I will be shopping with you again . Thank you for the quick service and the nice conversation on the phone. I will keep my last email so I can use the 10% off discount.

Thanks again.

Debbie Giammaria

From: suppan


Hi Lena,

     I was so happy today to see the UPS man drop off my order from you, and happier yet when I opened it up and saw everything in it! I was very pleased with the gift you sent me of the rose petal rosary, and it was appropriate because for a few months now I've been thinking about getting one of them but had never gotten around to it! The oil, the rosary with the earth from the Holy Land, and the set with the crucifix and the little bottles of earth, oil, water and incense are all wonderful and they will be treasured by me and my family.

Thank you again and I have told several of my Palestinian friends about your business as they were looking for a place to get these kinds of articles from. Their families have lived in the U.S. for generations and they no longer have family ties and connections to buy these things for them and send them over here, so they were pleased to hear about you. God bless you!

                   Best Wishes,

                           Leslie Suppan

From: Carmen Proescher

Subject: Thank you :) God Bless you :)


Dear Holylandnetwork,

I ordered a rosary Monday and received it on Tuesday.  Many thanks.  I am so pleased with how quickly you emailed me and how fast I received my goods I will be telling my family about you site.  There are many beautiful and diverse Christian and Judaism items, I love the diversity.  Although I am not Jewish I do like to remember the great events that the Jewish people hold dear to their hearts.  I would love to see the Holy Land someday.  I have many questions.  I will be visiting your site soon.  A happy and blessed customer wishes to bless your family and business.

Again, many thanks, God Bless, Peace be with you always,

Carmen Ann Freeman

From: Elise




Thank you for your prompt response.  If you have get any new products, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail.  I know I will be ordering again from you this year.

May you have a joyous and blessed New Year.  

Elise Stevenson


From: Glenna Phillips



I received the ordered product yesterday in good shape!  Thank you for such wonderful service. 

Glenna Phillips


From: Tom Walker



Now I know the real meaning of “God speed”  We received our items today and they are beautiful.

God Bless You

Tom Walker




Hello Lena,

How are you? I hope well. Thank you for your very nice letter. I received my package yesterday and I am very pleased. THANK YOU! I will cherished these items forever. It may be the only way that I will be able to experience The Holy Land. Even though my dream is to visit one day.

I am very impressed as to how quick the package arrived. Thank you for that.

I hope you have a wonderful day and I do hope to shop with you again.

God Bless!

Sue LaShomb

From: Roybal, Melinda L


Thank you Lena, I received my order and my beautiful gift.

Happy Holidays


From: William Howe


The package arrived safely yesterday and is a beautiful addition to my prayer room/chapel/reliquarium.




From: William Howe


Thanks for the prompt service.  This should make a great addition to my prayer room (reliquarium) at home. I'll be looking forward to the arrival.  I have your website bookmarked so my be back in the future.


From: georgetown


Dear Lena,

Thank you for confirming and mailing our order so promptly - *and* for the wonderful $10.00 credit!!!  What an unexpected and delightful treat!!!

It was a pleasure speaking with you and placing our order through your company.

May God Bless you and your work abundantly,

Mary Peterson

From: Henrietta Kollitz


Dear Lena,

Thank you very much for shipping this so quickly to us for our service which will be Sun. morning in Charleston ,S.C.

The service will mean even more with this water from the Holy Land.

Have a wonderful day and God bless you and yours, also.


                    Most sincerely,


From: Oxenholme

Subject: Rosary with Holy Water in centerpiece



Dear Lena,

Just a little note to say thank you to you and to the maker of my beautiful Rosary and for sending it to me so quickly. I wish you Peace as we head towards the blessed Christmas season. Love from Kate  


From: Charlotte Matthews



Thank you very much for the recent shipment.  The crosses are really what we

need for our work.  I'm sure that we will be in touch in the future as our

Lay Eucharistic Ministry expands.  Sincerely,  Charlotte Matthews


From: Michael W.



I received my crosses today thank you they are beautiful

thanks a lot to the little gift, its beautiful too.

I will recommend your site to friends

thanks again

michael wirtz

From: Glorygrace

Subject: thank YOU


Dearest Lena,

     Thank YOU for the promptest service that I have ever received...

      I am putting together a birthday gift for my Pastor for Sat., Sept. 4, and now that my merchandise came in so quickly the gift is complete...

    You promised it for Monday and here it is Thursday and it's at my door... I will tell everyone about your site!

    Bless YOU richly, Diane Caracciolo

From: Jerry



Your service was so fantastic the first time,

 I couldn't help myself!  :-)

Jerry L. E.

From: adestrada



I am extremely happy with your service!!! I hope you will catch up with putting all your products on the internet.  You have so many beautiful and authentic products that I hope your business continues to do well!



From: Jerry


Dear Ms. Lena Mor,

Thank you so much for such a quick and comprehensive reply to my inquiry!

I do look forward to becoming a permanent name on your list with that kind of fantastic service... rare in this day and age!

Peace, Love, and Joy to you and yours!


From: Irshdrgn

Subject: Re: Thank you so much for your card!


Lena Mor,

Thanking you is the least I can do to express my thanks for the way you handled the issue I had with my initial order.  Plus, my girlfriend loves her 14 Station Crucifix, and it was admired as it hung over the threshold of her front door.

I know for a fact I will be visiting your site again.  And again...
Have a nice day,

Sean M. McLean

From: Kelly Irish




Dear Lena...

Thanks so much, the plates arrived today!  They're perfect and we're so relieved that they arrived in plenty of time.

Many thanks for your valiant efforts... and for the lovely gift.

Take good care, may the Lord continue to bless you and your endeavors.



From: Ruth Crawford


Hi Lana,

Thank you for processing my order so quickly.  I received it today;

so nicely wrapped and carefully packed.  Thank you also for the wonderful

gift.  Very special items, for sure!  They will be shared and enjoyed.

Peace and Good to you.




From: Michael Benedek


Hi Lena,
I got my order and I thank you for the additional gift it is very nice, I have to say  it was a pleasure doing business with you, Thank you.
I will definitely refer your site to my friends.

Best regards,
Michael Benedek


From: Rev. Erin T. Purcell-Coiro


Just a note to let you know that I received your newsletter and I enjoyed reading it. It is done very well, with a nice blend of information and inspiration.

I also received my first order from you and was delighted at the quality in term of the items I ordered and the speed in which you shipped my order.

I also enjoyed the free gifts. They were very nice.

Anyhow, I plan to order from you again, and I also look forward to reading your newsletters.

Thank you.
Rev. Erin T. Purcell-Coiro

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