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Holy Water from Jordan River Holy Water from Jordan River
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Then the people of Jerusalem and all Judea were going out to him, and all the region along the Jordan, and they were baptize by him in the river Jordan, confessing their sins. (Matthew 3:5-6)

Jordan River - the major river in ancient Israel, from its main source at Banias in the foothill of Mount Hermon, the Jordan River runs south in a great crack in the earth's surface where two tectonic plates meet. (Yarden - in Hebrew - from the verb root Yarod - to descend).

The Jordan is clear, and in some places reaches a width of over twenty yards and a depth of nearly seventeen feet and is more than thirteen miles in length; a bridge, which connects Damascus with Galilee, crosses it.

Jordan River also gets its source of water from the Sea of Galilee (Kineret) a fresh water lake 700-ft. below sea level. It is bordered with trees and shrubs. Tamarisk, rhododendron, Angus Castus, Apple of Sodom. Its waters contain twenty-two species of various fish; Capocta, Barbus Canis, Cyprinodon, Silurus. Fishing has always been essential to the local economy. Varieties of birds are found in the neighboring thickets and wild animals, Vipers, scorpions, porcupines, jackals, wild boars, ibexes, and panthers. The area temperature is tropical.

The water of the Jordan contains a saline residuum, chlorine, sodium, sulfuric acid, and magnesia. The floods of the river occur from February to May.

The Jordan ends in the Dead Sea. The volume of water brought to the Dead Sea by the Jordan is calculated to be, on the average, 883 cubic feet per second.

Jesus Christ was baptized in the Bethany across the Jordan River (John 1.28) He traveled south to Jordan River to meet John the Baptist who was baptizing in the river all who came and repented of their sins.

Today Pilgrims to the Holy Land can visit the Baptismal Site (Yardenit)  at the point where the Jordan River flows out of the Sea of Galilee and be baptized in the waters of the Jordan.

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Holy Water from Jordan River

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* Keep as a spiritual keepsake or use with prayer in the home, religious celebrations, sick room visitation and as sacraments during time of hardship.

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